Woman reports teens laughing in yard

A group of boys accused of senselessly murdering a woman’s dog west of Brisbane earlier this week still haven’t been found.

Patricia Pendergast woke up around 12.30am Tuesday to the sound of laughter in her yard in the Ipswich suburb of Riverview

“I got up and went through my front door and there was four of them,” Ms Pendergast told the Courier-Mail, describing them as teenage boys around 14 to 16 years old.

“They took off down the driveway and across the road and straight down across the park, and when I came back in I saw my side gate was wide open.”

When she went to investigate she made a heartbreaking discovery: Her beloved foxy jack russell terrier Mim lying between her bins after being brutally beaten to death.

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The seven-year-old was a “very loveable little dog” who “wouldn’t even growl at anyone”, Ms Pendergast said.

“All she wanted to do was sit alongside you and get pats and give you licks.”

The Riverview Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page reported the dog had “head injuries consistent with being hit with a pole numerous times,” adding that Mim “had suffered a very violent and painful death”.

Unfortunately Queensland Police don’t have much to go on, but are appealing for any video footage from car dashcams or CCTV.

Ms Pendergast said Mim wasn’t the only pet in the neighbourhood to have been killed or stolen in the area.

“There’s been so many animals disappear from this area, it’s not even funny,” she said.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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