Woman, boy suffer suspected jellyfish sting while swimming

A woman and boy have been rushed to hospital after suffering a suspected marine sting from a deadly Irukandji jellyfish in far north Queensland.

A Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman said the pair were swimming in the waters off Vasey Esplanade in Cairns about 12.12pm on Wednesday when they were stung.

The woman in her 50s and the child, a primary school boy, reported general pain, tightness and a rash.

Both were taken to Cairns Hospital in a stable condition.

It is now being investigated if the sting was from an Irukandji jellyfish or another marine stinger.

About two centimetres long, the Irukandji jellyfish has a painful sting that can cause severe backache or headache, shooting muscle pain, breathing difficulties and vomiting.

Surf Lifesaving Queensland has closed Trinity Beach, Trinity Beach, Palm Cove, Clifton and Kewarra beaches due to marine stingers.

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