Who has to give way at intersection?

A social media quiz about which of four cars has to give way at an intersection has left Australian drivers scratching their heads.

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads conducted its weekly road rules quiz yesterday, asking its followers which of three vehicles – two cars and one bus – you’d be expected to give way to at a four-way intersection.

A picture alongside the quiz shows four vehicles in different lanes approaching the intersection.

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The bus and a green car travelling in opposite directions on the main road, and wanting to continue to drive straight, while a red and an orange car travel in opposite directions on the intersecting road and each have a give way sign.

The red car is travelling straight across the intersection, while the orange car is turning right onto the main road.

The Department posed the question that if you were behind the wheel of the orange car, would you be expected to give way to: both the green car and the bus; just the green car; the green car, the red car and the bus; or only the red car.

As usual, social media users flocked to the comments to put their two cents in – with some divided by the simple question or taking the opportunity to malign drivers in their own city.

“Depends how quick the orange car is,” one wrote.

“Depends if you are a P plater. P platers are entitled to do what they want,” commented another.

“Unless you’re in Toowoomba in which case you just close your eyes and hope for the best,” a third person wrote.

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Others guessed the correct answer straight away – which was option C: to give way to all three vehicles.

“The answer is C. The orange car and the red care are facing give way signs. When two drivers face each other at give way signs at an intersection they must give way to all other vehicles entering or approaching the intersection,” the Department explained.

“This means the orange car must give way to the green vehicle and the bus. Then the orange and red cars must apply the give way rules to each other.

“As the orange and red cars are both facing give way signs they apply the give way rules to each other. The orange car is turning right across the path of the red car, so it must give way to the oncoming red car that is going straight ahead at the intersection.”

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