Wet weekend likely, drier in south

It could be a showery Saturday and a soggy Sunday, forecasters have warned, as rain creeps up on Australia’s east and west coasts.

But in the south east, bask in the sun and pleasantly warm weather this weekend.

A band of moisture will settle across the east coast from around Fraser Island in Queensland all the way south to Brisbane and into northern New South Wales with some rain possible in Sydney over the coming days.

“These areas will be the focus of the heavy falls right the way through the weekend, so have that umbrella handy,” said Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne.

“There could even be a few thunderstorms in the mix.”

More than 25mm of rain could fall on Queensland during a wet weekend.

Brisbane could see 8-20mm on Saturday and up to a further 10mm on Sunday.

Temperatures are likely to be in the mid-twenties with lows around 17C. That rain should dissipate by Tuesday.

The rain could linger in northern NSW. Coffs Harbour is looking at showers every day until at least Wednesday with possibly up to 40mm in total.

Around half of that could come down on the weekend alone.

There is forecast to be some rain in Sydney for Saturday and Sunday but the falls will be lighter.

However, a second and heavier burst of wet weather is possible from the middle of next week.

Temperatures in the Harbour City should peak in the mid-twenties this weekend falling to the mid-teens overnight.

Canberra will be mostly dry this weekend but rain could pick up from early next week. The capital is looking at maximums of 22C over the coming days but chilly starts of around 3C.

The other soggy part of the country is southern Western Australia.

A cold front has cleared today with showers developing in its wake around Bunbury and Albury. The latter could see as much as 25mm of precipitation on Sunday and Monday.

Perth should miss the showers with a mostly sunny weekend of maximums touching 23C and minimums down to 8C.

Further north, tropical moisture will feed in from the Indian Ocean delivering a band of rain through the Pilbara down towards the Goldfields and then into the Great Southern and the Wheat Belt regions. That should keep the rain pumping along for the south west.

In the south east it’s mostly sunny.

Sunny and dry in the south

Melbourne could see highs of 23-24C this weekend with lows in the mid-teens. A mostly sunny weekend but rain may build on Monday.

Across the Bass Strait, it’s a similar, albeit slightly chillier, story with the mercury rising to between 21-23C at 3pm and sinking to 9C at dawn. A light shower could fall on Hobart on Sunday.

It will be dry and warm in Adelaide, particularly on Saturday when it could get to 28C. Temperatures will then slide to 24C on Sunday and 20C on Monday. Lows will be around the mid-teens. Some rain is possible on Monday.

The dry season officially begins across the Top End on Saturday and, fittingly, it will be dry in Darwin. A sunny weekend of 34C highs and 23C lows.

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