Warnings issued as cyclone forms over Gulf of Carpentaria

A tropical cyclone warning has been issued for parts of northern Queensland, where residents have been warned to brace for gale force winds, abnormally high tides, large waves and heavy rainfall.

The conditions may lead to flash flooding, the Bureau of Meteorology warned on Sunday.

Tropical lows formed in the Gulf of Carpentaria are likely to develop into a category one cyclone, which is expected to make landfall on Sunday evening.

The affected area will stretch from Mornington Island, off the coast of northwest Queensland, to Pormpuraaw, on the western side of the Cape York Peninsula.

Forecaster Matt Marshall said the weather system will move slowly towards the southeast and stall over the peninsula, bringing heavy rainfall.

He said a severe weather warning has been issued for the expected rain, which could lead to flash flooding, across the north tropical coast from Cooktown to Ingham, as well as inland parts of the peninsula.

“Isolated falls of a few hundred millimetres are possible on each day in coastal areas,” he said.

“Heavy rainfall is also likely to lead to flooding in the flood watch area, which is the Gulf and north tropical coast, into the coming week.”

Mr Marshall said southeast Queensland could be hit by thunderstorms on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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