VW Tiguan driver punched by truckie after rougue manoeuvre in Brisbane, Queensland

The driver of an SUV has been subjected to a vicious road rage assault after dangerously overtaking a truckie, who later appeared to punch the motorist in the face.

A person driving a VW Tiguan just before 7am on Tuesday last week opted to accelerate into the left lane and past a huge truck turning onto a main road in Brisbane.

The dangerous manoeuvre was captured on a trailing vehicle’s dashcam and showed the small car only narrowly avoid being cleaned up as it entered Manly Road in Tingalpa.

In blatant defiance of rules banning cars from overtaking turning vehicles, the VW was filmed scooting around the corner at speed, at one point using the bike lane.

A few minutes later when the truck caught up to the small car at another intersection, the truckie parked his vehicle across the front of the SUV to block it from driving away.

The man then got out of the truck, walked over to the driver’s side of the VW and appeared to punch the driver through their open window.

The force of the punch was highlighted in the dashcam footage which showed the driver’s body being harshly rebounded against the man’s fist.

Within moments, the truckie was back in his vehicle as though nothing had happened.

As if being delivered a powerful blow to the body while driving wasn’t enough, Facebook users had little sympathy for the VW driver after footage was shared to the Dash Cam Owners Australia page.

“The little VW driver got exactly what they deserved,” one person wrote in a comment.

“Probably the quickest and most effective driving lesson the VW driver has ever received,” another said.

Others acknowledged the VW driver’s move was not ideal but argued the truckie’s road rage was completely unjustified.

“I understand the frustration but can we all remember the campaign ‘one punch can kill’?

Is it really worth it? Use your words big boy,” one wrote.

“Why does the truck driver think it’s okay to punch the driver who caused no damage or inconvenience,” another said.

Someone else pointed out how the car’s dangerous move didn’t actually save the driver any time, as the truck arrived at the intersection just seconds behind it.

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