Volkswagen Amarok utes recalled due to mechanical fault

Thousands of Volkswagen vehicles have been recalled nationwide due to a dangerous mechanical fault that could result in serious accidents or death.

The Australian consumer watchdog issued the recall on Thursday, which affects almost 20,000 Volkswagen Amarok vehicles.

The utes were available for sale from August 1 2016 to March 1 2019, and affects the 2015-2018 models.

The ACCC said that if a spare wheel detached, it could result in an “accident and injury or death to other road users”.

The recall notice said that the cable for the spare wheel winch could be weakened and snap when used under certain conditions, including extreme dirt or dust exposure, which meant the spare wheel would only be secured by the secondary securing strap.

A spokesman for Volkswagen said the company had been in contact with affected customers and were organising repairs.

“We’re aware of a handful of instances locally where the spare wheel winch has become fouled with dirt so it might not go back into its proper position,” the spokesman said.

“So Volkswagen is retrofitting a locknut that further secures the spare wheel. It’s free and takes 30 minutes to fit.

“The ute vehicles are safe to drive in the meantime.”

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