Video shows man’s reckless swimming pool diving stunt

A video showing a daredevil scaling a fence and diving into a public swimming pool is going viral, with many people blasting the man for his stupidity.

Footage of the reckless stunt shows the man stumble before diving into the water at the Scarborough beach pool.

After completing his dive, the shirtless man immediately leaps out of the pool and runs away towards the grass banks.

If he had fallen, the man could have been very seriously injured.

The Bell Tower Times posted the video on social media with the caption: “Scarborough’s very own Jacques Cousteau.”

Mr Cousteau was a French naval officer, conservationist and scientist who pioneered scuba gear.

The social media post attracted many comments, including one person who described the man as Jason Bourne – the action film character played by Matt Damon.

One person aptly wrote: “Dude, there’s a beach right there.”

Another person wrote: “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Another person joked: “The chiro appointment for the poor positioned dive will cost him more than the pool entry though.”

Admission to the pool in Perth’s northern suburbs is just $7.30.

Several people also commented that they had thought about doing the stunt themselves but thought better of it.

One person wrote: “Future Darwin Award winner right there.”

Another person posted: “People swimming didn’t even notice!”

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