Venomous black snake found in child’s toy box

A Queensland family has had the fright of their lives finding a venomous black snake lurking in the children’s toy basket.

Sunshine Coast snake catcher Stuart McKenzie said the massive red bellied black snake sent a “shiver” down his spine, after finding the highly venomous serpent hiding in a child’s room.

Mr McKenzie, who runs Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, said in a Facebook post he was called to the home in Maroochydore after a mother and her two daughters found a snake in the play room.

“My goodness this is big snake,” he said in his post.

“It is so lucky that nobody was bitten.”

The local catcher said the snake nestled among the dolls was incredibly “chilled” and was just looking for a place to hide.

“He didn’t mean anybody any harm — unless of course they grabbed him — that could have been a different story.”

Red bellied black snakes are a venomous species that habitat eastern Australia. The snakes are commonly found around rivers and waterways.

Known to be quite docile, red bellied black snakes can grow up to two and half metres long.

Mr McKenzie said the snake found in the Sunshine Coast home was an “extremely healthy red belly”.

The snake was then later released into to the bush.

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