Twitch star Imjasmine banned over hot tub live stream nudity

One of Twitch’s rising stars has been temporarily banned from the platform after suffering a wardrobe malfunction live on air.

Streamer Imjasmine was dazzling fans during a broadcast from a paddling pool on Wednesday when she accidentally exposed herself on camera.

After her fans highlighted the error in the stream’s chat, the influencer quickly covered herself up.

Too little, too late, as far as Twitch was concerned.

“Welp, got banned for a day by twitch,” Imjasmine wrote on Thursday. “See you all soon.”

Imjasmine, who has more than 220,000 followers on Twitch, regularly engages in a new craze known as “hot tub livestreams”.

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They involve streamers – typically bikini-clad women – chatting to followers while broadcasting from a hot tub or inflatable pool.

Critics have dismissed the trend as a cheeky way to sidestep Twitch’s guidelines on revealing clothing.

The site’s policies bar “fully or partial nudity” including “the visible outline of genitals, even when covered”.

Twitch does explicitly ban those who “present as women” from showing their nipples, a rule that Imjasmine ran afoul of this week.

The streamer confirmed that the ban would last 24 hours.

If true, Jasmine will be back on the platform by April 23.

She’s not the first streamer slapped with a ban in recent weeks after pushing the boundaries of Twitch’s rules.

Earlier this month, American internet star Supcaitlin was blocked for 24 hours for wearing “inappropriate” clothing during a stream.

The streamer blamed “mass reporting” by viewers for her suspension after she donned a revealing bunny outfit on camera.

Supcaitlin, who has more than 53,000 followers on Twitch and 68,000 on Instagram, also regularly engages in hot tub livestreams.

This story was published by The Sun and reproduced with permission.

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