Track-only supercar brings wild performance

Italy’s newest performance beast is too much car for the road.

Pagani’s new Huayra R is one of the most extreme supercars ever built and is banned from driving on public roads.

The track-only weapon features blistering performance and hi-tech features to make it one of the most driver focused cars on sale today.

Only 30 of the exotic machines will be built costing €2.6m ($3.97m) each, which after Australian taxes and import duties are added would set any prospective buyer back about $6m.

Wild aerodynamic design features give the Huayra R a Batmobile-like quality with an enormous fin, gaping front vents and huge rear diffusers.

It is equipped with a monstrous non-turbo 6.0-litre V12 engine making a beefy 625kW and 750Nm – which is about the same as five Toyota Corollas combined – and sent to the rear wheels.

The car only weighs 1050kg, which is about 300kg lighter than your average small hatchback.

In true race car form the Huayra R’s V12 engine will rev all the way up to 9000rpm with max power delivered at 8250rpm.

Pagani has paired this engine to a six-speed automatic to match the car’s free-revving nature.

This is combined with a specially designed exhaust to make sure the Huayra R’s bark matches its vicious bite.

The exhaust note can be so loud that Pagani has supplied mufflers that can be fitted as required to reduce the noise for low sound emission race tracks.

Huge Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes designed for track use give the Huayra R extreme stopping power.

Forged 19-inch alloy wheels are wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tyres.

All mod-cons have been stripped out of the Huayra R because of its track-only designation.

There is a big digital motorsport dashboard allowing the driver to monitor the car’s status and performance.

Just like in motorsport the steering wheel is removable to allow for easier access to the cabin.

Pagani has integrated a heavy-duty roll cage into the structure of the vehicle to provide ample safety in case of a crash and so it meets the FIA’s requirements for GT cars.

There is also an automatic fire extinguisher in case of fire.

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