Toyota HiLux Rogue vehicle recalled over fire fears

A popular Toyota vehicle has been recalled over fears an issue with the power wire could cause a fire.

The Toyota HiLux Rogue GUN126 with the model year of 2020 has been recalled, affecting 683 vehicles across Australia.

“The power wire for the cargo roller cover may be routed incorrectly and may chafe against the battery clamp post,” Product Safety Australia said in the recall notice on Sunday.

“If the power wire insulation is damaged, this may lead to a short circuit … this may cause a fire.”

Toyota will contact affected owners in writing via letter, email or SMS, requesting they make an appointment at a Toyota dealer for free rectification.

Consumers can contact the Toyota Recall Assist helpline on 1800 987 366 for more information.

It comes after two popular Kia vehicles were also recently recalled over fears they could burst into flames – even if the engine was switched off.

The Kia QL Sportage MY2016-2021 and the CK Stinger MY2017-2019 were recalled, with 57,851 people across Australia affected.

“The hydraulic electronic control unit — responsible for the anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control system and traction control system — can remain live even when the vehicle is switched off,” Product Safety Australia said last week.

“If moisture enters the HECU, an electrical short circuit can occur … this could result in an engine compartment fire when the key is switched off and the vehicle is parked.”

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