TikTok star hospitalised following sexual assault allegation

A TikTok star has been hospitalised after he and his boyfriend were accused of sexual assault online.

Benji Krol said in a series of Twitter posts on Monday part of what was being said about him “is true” but said he’d felt “so pressured” to take part in the act.

The accusations came from an anonymous underage victim, who was 15, who said the couple sexted with him in February. The victim alleged Krol and Jorge Garay “took advantage of my friendship, and exploited me and coerced me, a minor, into doing what they wanted for sexual pleasure”. The allegations were made anonymously through a Twitter account and quickly went viral over the weekend.

Krol, who has more than 11 million TikTok followers said in a lengthy statement he’d attempted to take his own life after the accusations about the assault surfaced. He said because he’d been hospitalised he wasn’t able to address the accusations to his fans.

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“The reason it’s taken so long is because I tried to kill myself,” Krol wrote in his statement. “I was in the hospital and I’ve been recovering and trying to piece everything together.

“I’m not trying to gain sympathy points from telling you this, I’m just giving the real explanation you all deserve for being late to respond.

“The reason for me trying was due to a lot of things building up and not directly because of this, it’s not the first time.

“I know it was extremely wrong and in no way am I trying to excuse anything because it should have never occurred either way, and I apologised to the affected person after it happened and have felt (horrible) about it ever since.”

Krol last shared a video on TikTok four days ago, which has been viewed more than 8.7 million times.

He also apologised to the alleged victim in his statement.

“I’m extremely sorry to the victim and hope they are doing okay. I know none of this should have ever happened and that there’s nothing I can do to fix it but work on bettering myself and piecing everything together.”

He also urged others to “respect their privacy”.

Jorge Garay has been contacted for comment.

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