Temperature soars across Victoria just days after snow

Just days after experiencing rare spring snowfall, parts of Victoria are expected to top more than 30C this week.

Temperatures across southeast Australia are forecast to rise between 2 and 10C above average by Friday as a significant upper level trough drags a burst of heat ahead of it.

In Melbourne it’s expected to hit 27C on Friday and 28C on Saturday, while in Mildura in the state’s northwest it will top 35C on Saturday.

Sky News Weather meteorologist Rob Sharpe said it would gradually warm up throughout the week, and by the time Friday arrived, temperatures would be soaring through the south.

“A very significant upper level trough is moving through dragging all of that heat ahead of it,” he said.

“On the weekend it’s going to be pretty warm through New South Wales in particular compared to the long-term average.”

But he said the collision of both warm and cold air masses would also lead to a significant rain event.

Between 5 and 15mm could fall across southern Victoria, alpine regions and as far north as Dubbo over the weekend, while southeast South Australia could receive up to 25mm.

“Into the weekend we’ve got that band of rain taking shape particularly for South Australia, potentially into Victoria and Tasmania as well,” Mr Sharpe said.

“South Australia at this stage seems to be the target area for the best rain totals.”

But Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton warned Victorians thinking they could ignore coronavirus and embrace the warmer weather to think again.

“People may be thinking they’re going to be getting out and about, we will be out and we will be enforcing,” he said of the state’s restrictions.

“We will be inspecting populous places. If there’s a lot of cars in a street outside a particular residence we will be knocking on those doors.”

By Sunday the temperature will again drop in Melbourne with a top of only 16C expected and a few showers up to 15mm possible.

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