Sydney woman shares bizarre story about being asked to pull over

A Sydney woman has sent out a warning to local drivers after being followed by a man urging her to pull over near Balmain in the city’s inner west.

“A couple of weeks ago I was driving home around 10pm,” TikTok user Alyssa Gray said. “I pulled up to a set of lights. I had my surfboard in my car … my partner was sitting in the car but behind me.

“Now the guy to our left was trying to get my attention so I pulled down the window, and he says to me: ‘You’ve left your phone on the roof.’”

Ms Gray said she was certain her phone was in her bag next to her, recalling its battery dying “hours” before.

“He says again: ‘You’ve left your phone on your roof, you should pull over and get it off,’” she continued.

“I asked my partner, ‘Where’s your phone?’ He pulls it up so I can see it. He’s got his. But the guy says again: ‘You’ve left your phone up there, pull over and get it.’

“So I pulled down the back window and my partner leans across and asks, ‘Hey mate, what’s up?’

“At this point, the guy is taken aback. I think up until now he thought I was by myself. So he speeds off.”

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Ms Gray said she and her partner circled around to make sure they weren’t being followed before arriving home and checking the roof, which was bare.

The TikTok video explaining her peculiar scenario instantly struck a chord with users, earning over 290,000 views in under 24 hours with over 1200 replies and 3700 shares.

“I just wanted to bring this to your attention and just make you aware,” she concluded.

Ms Gray said she wasn’t able to get the number plate of the suspicious driver’s car, which she says she spotted on the corner of Darling Street and Victoria Road.

“It’s generally quite a busy intersection which was weird also,” she said.

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