Sydney doctor’s viral Facebook post to get vaccinated

A Sydney doctor has declared “pre-Covid life has died” as he made an impassioned plea for the nation to get vaccinated as the only way of returning to some form of normality.

In a now viral Facebook post, Sacha Kepreotis described first-hand how Sydney’s hospitals were buckling under the pressure of rising Covid patients who were too unwell to remain home.

He also detailed the long-term effects of coronavirus, which he said were far more concerning than the “rare and mostly treatable vaccine side-effects”.

“So much concern about potential long-term side effects of the vaccines when there are so many concerning features of long-Covid,” he wrote.

“Long term breathing problems, blood clots, myocarditis, disabling fatigue, impaired concentration, memory problems, loss of taste/smell, prolonged hospitalisation, loss of employment and more to be discovered.

“Symptoms have been seen to last beyond 12 months, and who knows for how long after that.

“How many will need long term oxygen? How many will have pulmonary hypertension and associated heart problems? How many will have recurrent blood clots? We do not know.”

Dr Kepreotis said any chance of Australia returning to some semblance of normality hinged on widespread vaccination.

“Developing countries would kill for access to any of these incredibly effective vaccines, and we have access to two,” he said.

“That is the only way (of) getting back to travel, concerts, festivals, shopping, weddings, funerals, holidaying, drinks with friends, BBQs, going to the gym, sports etc, (they) all rely on mass vaccination.”

He said he was also extremely frustrated by the lockdown and restrictions on freedom, but it was “absolutely necessary” to protect the population.

“Sydney hospitals are filling up with Covid positive patients who are too unwell to remain at home,” he said.

“Each one of these cases are an incredible burden on the system. Entire wards are having to be closed to facilitate grouping of positive patients.

“Incredible lengths are taken to minimise potential exposure to other patients and staff but it is not a perfect process.

“Front line staff are continually exposed to Covid and are cursed with the responsibility of ensuring that their own donning and doffing technique is perfect for long shifts, all the while feeling like you are suffocating in N95 masks.”

Dr Kepreotis said also lived with the fear they would bring the virus back home to their families and loved ones.

“I didn’t sign up for this … not one doctor, nurse, allied health staff, cleaner, clerk, security, or hospital worker signed up for this,” he said.

“One exposure can cripple an entire department and have critical staff off for weeks.

“Regular treatments and procedures are being delayed or withheld. Elective surgery, screening, and follow up are being cancelled (and) non Covid-related health problems are subsequently being severely affected.”

He said Australia could not continue to live like this and declared vaccination was the only thing to protect against serious infection.

Dr Kepreotis authentic post resonated with the wider community, attracting more than 1400 comments and 3600 shares.

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