Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne forecast: Weekend weather warmest since April

Forecasters say the mercury could rise by up to 10C above average this weekend – but some places will then see a huge drop in temperatures.

Forecasters have said that temperatures could soar to 10C above average in the coming days with the “warmest weather since April” due.

Sydney and Brisbane could both top out at or near 30C on a toasty weekend, Darwin even higher.

But the warm weather will not be shared evenly with Melbourne getting into the mid-twenties but then plunging to a high of just 14C on a chilly Sunday.

It could snow on higher ground in Victoria and Tasmania. In Perth it will struggle to even get into the twenties this weekend.

The main feature for the east is a large area of high pressure, said Sky News Weather senior metrologist Tom Saunders.

“Winds blow anticlockwise around highs and that means warm air from northern Australia is being drawn down across the southeast lifting temperatures.

“Those north-westerly winds will drag that heat all the way down to Tasmania and on the New South Wales coast temperatures could be over 25C and warmer inland.”

High pressure to lead to temperature spikes

Soggy conditions across much of the country’s south east should clear by Friday leaving just some clouds and patchy showers behind.

Temperatures will then rise across South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania on Friday and into Saturday. But then temperatures will drop once again.

And that will be the general rhythm of the weather across the south and east – a rise in temperatures then pared back. When you get to enjoy the warmer conditions for, and how much it will be pared back by when the mercury drops, will depend where you are.

Adelaide will see a high of 26C on a sunny Friday but enjoy Saturday morning as the weekend will only get cooler and wetter from there on in.

A high of 20C on Saturday with rain in the evening and then more showers on a cold Sunday topping out at 15C. Overnight lows in Adelaide of around 10C.

It will struggle to get 18C on Melbourne on Friday but that will be contrasted with a pleasant 24C forecast for Saturday.

Not for long, however, because then it’s a 10C drop to Sunday when 14C will be the maximum. Showers are likely with maximums in the mid-teens the best that can be expected into the middle of next week.

Overnight lows in Melbourne will be a mild 13C at dawn on Saturday but by the time it gets to Tuesday morning expect just 5C – low enough for a dawn shiver.

Cold enough for snow

Across the Bass Strait and Tasmania will see days of mostly 13-14C for the weekend and coming week. But that spike of warmth from the continent’s north west will be felt on Saturday as the temperature rises to 18C – although rain is likely. Minimums of 6C are on the cards.

It will be cold enough for snow down to around 600 meters in Tasmania and around 1000 meters in the ranges of Victoria and NSW during the weekend.

Totally toasty in Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin

In Sydney it will be a run of warm and mostly sunny days. Friday’s 24C will be a few notches below Thursday but the weekend will be a glorious 28C on both days with minimums of in the low to mid teens. The average high for September in the Harbour City is a more pedestrian 21C.

A few spots of rain on Monday when temperatures will dip to 19C as some of that warmth peters away. The rain will get heavier on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Several parts of NSW could reach 30C or even streak beyond it including Moree and Grafton on Sunday. The state’s south should be cooler however with Wagga Wagga peaking at 25C on Saturday.

Canberra is looking at 20C on Friday rising to 22C on a sunny Saturday and then down to 17C on Sunday as the clouds roll in. Lows in the capital of 4 -7C.

Brisbane’s hottest day is looking to be Monday with a maximum of 30C but it will be a generally sunny and warm weekend with 29C on Saturday and only a slight fall to 27C on Sunday. No rain to speak off and lows of 12C.

Partly cloudy in Townsville with a maximum of 27C on Friday and 30C on Monday.

A very hot run of days in the Top End. Darwin is looking at a high of 35C on Friday and then 34C over the weekend. A shower or two may come through on Monday. Temperatures will drop to minimums of around 23C.

Chilly in comparison in Peth with a high of 19C on Friday, continuing all weekend long. Showers are a possibility but Sunday should be mostly clear. Lows of around 7-10C with the days warming to 23C on Tuesday.

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