Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers finds dozens of snake skins in family’s roof

Queensland snake catchers are always busy bundling up the rogue animals from family homes before transporting them back to the bush.

But one snake catcher was called to a slightly different job when a Sunshine Coast family booked him to conduct a routine roof inspection.

Dave from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers popped his head into the family’s roof, expecting to perhaps see a snake, but instead found dozens of skins littered throughout the area.

“How is this haul from Dave when he conducted a roof inspection yesterday,” Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said on Facebook.

“He brought down over 30 snake skins out of the family’s roof space, and there was probably another 20 skins up there.

“The kids at the house loved it and had plenty of questions to ask Dave about snakes.”

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The company said despite the massive haul of snake skins potentially causing alarm to some, keeping snakes in your roof was a great idea.

“Snakes are great to have in your roof as they eat all the rodents. Who doesn’t love free pest control,” the company said.

The team at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers is one of the busiest in Australia.

Their Facebook page boasts more than 120,000 likes and they regularly post about their expeditions to catch and rehome snakes.

Just yesterday, the team posted a video of them rehoming a massive 10kg carpet python after a woman discovered it curled up under her bin.

“This was unbelievable! The snakes just keep getting bigger,” Stu, the owner of the company, said.

“We were genuinely surprised when we revealed this massive carpet python from under the bin on their front porch in Nambour back at the start of the season.

“It is pretty crazy how this big snake somehow fit under the small wheelie bin.

“This would be hands down the biggest snake we caught this snake season. This is one of the biggest carpet pythons I’ve ever caught! As you can tell, I was pretty stoked and it’s not very often that I am surprised by what we encounter.”

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