Showgoers injured as spooked horse charges

A horse has injured several people after a loud noise caused it charge at a showground in NSW’s Riverina region.

NSW Ambulance said the horse ran into bystanders while out of control at the 13th annual Lockhart Truck Show at Lockhart Showground just after 11.30am on Saturday, hurting two teenagers, a woman in her 20s and a man in his 60s.

But Lockhart Shire Council mayor Rodger Schirmer said he had been told the horse ran into a tent, “which was ironically an insurance company’s tent”, then struck a ute, flinging three passengers from a cart it was carrying, which tipped over.

The owner of the horse and wagon had hopped off to adjust the animal’s blinkers while a young female relative held on to its reins, Mr Schirmer told NCA NewsWire after rushing to the scene.

A Mack truck then started nearby and the loud sound of an air compressor frightened the horse, prompting it to bolt.

The owner of the horse was knocked over by the cart, Mr Schirmer said.

NSW Ambulance inspector Eamonn Purcell said a nurse of 40 years from Lockhart Hospital and an off duty paramedic were first to render assistance on scene.

“They were invaluable – we can’t thank them enough,” he said.

Four ambulance crews were dispatched to the showground, where paramedics treated the injured people.

They were transported to Wagga Wagga Hospital in a stable condition.

“A freak accident like this has the potential to cause serious injuries,” Mr Purcell said.

“Everyone was very lucky have escaped relatively unharmed.”

Mr Schirmer said he was relieved nobody was seriously hurt.

“No real damage … but it certainly gave them a fright,” he said.

“It’s still an unfortunate incident.”

He said it was a reminder to not have loud noises near horses.

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