Scott Morrison roasted on social media, Twitter, Credlin, after vaccine announcement

Sky News host and Liberal insider Peta Credlin has listed four things that must be Australia’s priority in order too get people vaccinated, including offering incentives.

Credlin pointed out that she wasn’t talking about financial incentives but rather allowing vaccinated Australians to avoid harsh lockdowns.

“First, to overcome vaccine hesitancy among the old and the vulnerable, understandably frightened and confused about all the mixed messages and the risks associated, as minimal as they are, the risks with the AZ jab, elderly Australians must have the Pfizer option.

“Second, the federal government must make vaccines available to larger pharmacies, as well as all larger GPs, so that there are fewer and fewer obstacles to getting vaccinated.

“Third, the states must operate 24 hour vaccinations hubs and testing facilities so that we put the maximum effort into ramping up the rollout and dealing with testing and tracing.

“And fourth, most critically, there has got to be some sort of incentive for people to get vaccinated – I’m not talking about a financial incentive, I reject what’s happening in the United States but I’m talking about an incentive once you’re vaccinated in and around lockdowns. Otherwise, what’s it all about?”

Her comments came as Australians on social media responded with anger over Scott Morrison’s latest announcements on his covid strategy as #scottydoesnothing trended on Twitter.

Mr Morrison announced that all Australians will be eligible to get the AstraZeneca vaccine and mandated that aged care workers are all vaccinated against Covid-19.

Most posts on social media suggested that Mr Morrison should have been making these announcements 18 months ago.

The rollout of the vaccine has been hindered by supply and a lack of confidence over potential blood clots from the AstraZeneca vaccine, the risk of which is incredibly low.

Mr Morrison spoke directly to the millions of Australians who are locked in their homes, telling them to “hang in there”.

“I certainly understand [people’s] frustration when it comes to dealing with this pandemic. We’re very conscious of those great frustrations,” he said. “The pandemic is still upon us. And I know when you’re maybe midway, maybe further through the course of this pandemic, we can grow tired and frustrated and anxious. I understand that, but how should we go forward? Do we give into that?

“Or do we continue to show the same determination that we have showed, particularly over that first year in the pandemic and more? We were able to come through and Australia was able to achieve a result in saving lives and livelihoods like virtually no other country in the world.

“I’d be encouraging Australians to hang in there. We don’t have a choice. The pandemic is still upon us. It’s the pandemic, that’s the reason why these things are happening in places all around the world.

The anger comes as Perth went into lockdown, joining Sydney, which is currently in the midst of a two-week lockdown.

Australians are furious that 18 months into the pandemic only 4 per cent of the country has been vaccinated while countries like the US are reporting that 52 per cent of Americans are already fully vaccinated.

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