Run of warm days but temperatures likely to drop

The east coast of Australia is set to bask in the warmest day of winter as “desert heat” brings temperatures more like summer than the cold season.

But it won’t last, forecasters have said, with the mercury set to sink once again.

Sydney could hit 25C on Wednesday, and Brisbane the same on Thursday. For Sydney, that’s 7C above the usual August maximum and similar to an average December day.

“It will be warm across eastern areas of the country today as those northerly winds bring desert heat so it’s likely to be the warmest winter day so far in Canberra and in Sydney,” said Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne.

“But, it won’t last forever – it’s cooling down tomorrow.”

Further south, it’s a different story as the same northerly winds have led to a severe weather warning across large parts of Victoria for damaging gusts of as much as 110 km/h over elevated peaks.

That’s more than enough to bring down trees and cause power outages.

The cold front bringing all the weather drama will streak across much of the south east bringing rain in its wake with 10-15mm across inland areas. That will sweep into southern NSW bringing potentially soggy conditions on Thursday.

Sydney’s 25C high on Wednesday will drop to 21C on Thursday and then down to 19C by the weekend with lows of 9C but it should remain dry.

Chilly with some rain in Canberra with maximums of 15-16C and minimums down to -2C on Friday morning. There will be rain for Wednesday and Thursday.

Melbourne will bounce around 16C heading into the weekend with a possible shower on Friday.

Wet in Hobart on Wednesday with showers possible up to and including Friday. The mercury will top out between 13-15C with 7C lows.

Heavy rain of up to 10mm in Adelaide for the rest of Wednesday with scattered showers until Friday leading into a mostly sunny weekend. Highs of 16C for the rest of the week, creeping up to 19C on Sunday with lows of around 9C.

Perth will see temperatures get to 20C on a warm and sunny Friday but otherwise 17-18C will be the max with a few showers on Thursday.

Toasty in the Top End not going below maximums of 33C and lows of 23C.

Warm in Brisbane to end the week with 25C days dipping slightly to 23C on the weekend and 12-14C at dawn. But showers could creep in from Saturday.

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