RACQ Facebook road rule quiz confuses drivers

Motorists were stumped when asked to identify how many road rules were being breached in a single photo.

The mock graphic was shared by Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) in a Facebook post on Friday, and showed a man in the driver’s seat of a car breaking somewhere between one and six rules.

“How many road rules do you think are being broken here? We need to take road safety seriously and #DriveLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt,” the post read.

In a matter of hours, dozens of drivers tried guessing how many rules were being broken and gave their reasons for why.

There were several obvious rule breaches in the graphic including there being a dog on the driver’s lap.

But not everyone found the quiz simple, with many guessing there were six or more breaches, while others thought there was just one or two.

One person commented on the post and said there were too many breaches and the driver should have their licence cancelled, while another joked the only breach was that the dog “doesn’t have a licence”.

Eagle eyed drivers speculated the car may have been parked because the navigation system appeared to be off, meaning there were potentially no rules being broken.

“If the car is legally parked, none,” one person wrote.

Another was just glad the driver wasn’t interfering with the public transport system. “Hey at least he’s not stopped in the bus zone,” they wrote.

A lot of people thought there were five rules breached which included the mobile phone use, the dog on the driver’s lap, the rear-view mirror decoration, the lack of seatbelt and the car seemingly driving on the wrong side of the road.

RACQ confirmed there were four errors in the graphic in a comment added later.

“There are four illegal behaviours here, the dice is blocking the driver’s vision, the phone is causing a distraction, the pet is on the driver’s lap and the driver isn’t wearing a seat belt,” it read.

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