Queensland Department of Transport’s Facebook quiz sparks fierce debate

Facebook became an outlet for road rage on Monday night as a surprisingly heated debate erupted over a driving quiz shared by Queensland’s Department of Transport.

Uploading a graphic of a car entering a roundabout before turning right through the third exit, the department challenged social media users to “prove they know their road rules”.

But the harmless quiz turned into an opportunity for people to lambast other drivers for their refusal to follow the basic rule — proving to be a sore spot for many.

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The quiz, below, saw motorists tasked with having to choose between four possible answers as to when the driver of the blue car should indicate.

Option A suggested that no indicating was needed, while B said the driver should only signal left before exiting.

Response C (correctly) offered the claim that the driver should indicate right while approaching and entering the roundabout and left upon exiting.

Option D, on the other hand, read that the motorist should use their right blinker the whole way through – when approaching, entering, and exiting.

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While most answered correctly, a number of people used the post as a platform to vent their frustrations from real life experiences on the road — expressing that while many may know the rules on paper, the knowledge is rarely used.

“C, although cars in Bundaberg don’t come fitted with indicators,” one quipped.

“We all know C is the correct answer, but A and B is how most people drive these days,” another weighed in.

Others mused how “amazing” it was how few people knew their road rules.

“Interesting statistics here, all comments 100 per cent correct, only one per cent will do the right thing …” another said.

For those who didn’t pick the correct answer straight away and are too embarrassed to admit it: The Department of Transport’s website dictates that drivers must always indicate to turn left or right on a roundabout.

When turning right, you must use your right indicator when approaching and entering the roundabout.

Before exiting, you are required to signal left and follow the exit lane marking.

Vice-versa for turning left.

The only time signalling is not needed is when driving straight ahead.

Simple, right?

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