Qantas responds after conspiracy theorists link company linked with ‘Illuminati’

Qantas has responded after conspiracy theorists linked the company with a global secret society because of a viral video.

Images from a 9 News bulletin showed a Qantas plane with engine covers that caught attention online. The black engine covers appear to have been covered with tape with the all-seeing eye of God on one engine, and the Freemason symbol on the other.

The symbols are associated with conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, a group of elite leaders who conspire to control global events.

On social media some discussed a deeper meaning, while others assumed it was the airport ground crew having a joke.

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A YouTube conspiracy video of the bulletin titled “Qantas busted” racked up over 10,000 views this week.

“Weird Illuminati and Freemason logos on Qantas engine covers. Any reason behind this?” a Reddit post asked Thursday.

“Probably just the person who taped the covers on having a bit of fun,” one person responded.

“It’s a joke by the ground crew to f*** with conspiracy people on the internet,” another said. “I’m all for it, whoever did this is a legend.”

Today, Qantas took the step of responding to a number of users on Twitter who was asking them about the symbols.

The airline told one man the artwork was just a pastime for the ground crew.

“Hi, aircraft engine cover art is a thing,” the airline said. “As you can see, the yellow tape can sometimes be used quite creatively.

“We’ve obviously got a few engineers who are fans of The Da Vinci Code but we’ve asked them to stick to emojis and smiley faces.”

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