Pregnant man emoji part of gender neutral push on smart phones

A text with this emoji could cause a pregnant pause.

This year’s batch of emoji finalists includes a knocked-up man, a disco ball and a melting smiley face.

Several gender-inclusive and non-binary images — including one titled Pregnant Man — could be released for smartphone use in September, according to

One that looks fit for the Arnold Schwarzenegger flick “Junior” shows a mustachioed man clutching his baby bump and squinting.

It comes in medium to dark skin tones, along with a similar facial-hairless emoji, dubbed “Pregnant Person”.

Emojipedia said the pregnant man was included to “recognise that pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people.”

It’s already caused a stir online.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but men can’t get pregnant,” Abigail Marone, press secretary for Republican Senator Josh Hawley tweeted.

The vast majority of emojis available will also be able to be presented as a man, a woman, or gender-neutral – for instance, now available alongside the prince and princess emojis is a person with crown emoji.

And following more than a year of heightened awareness and global protests surrounding the fight for racial equality, sparked by the murder of George Floyd, handshakes between hands of different skin tones have been launched.

Other new emojis include a biting lip, heart hands and a saluting face, according to the group, which announced the new designs ahead of World Emoji day on July 17.

An empty nest with eggs, a crutch and several handshake designs were also included as colourful candidates.

The designs are subject to approval and revision by vendors, according to the group.

— New York Post

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