Possible tornado rips roof off house in Eagle Bay

A tornado may have caused severe damage to trees and homes in Western Australia, including one house that had its roof ripped off, and the Bureau of Meteorology warns more squally weather is expected.

Eagle Bay resident Cameron Alder said he lost his roof about 3am on Monday while he was sleeping in bed with his two young sons.

“Half of it’s in a carpark out the back and half of it’s strewn across about 250m behind us and into our neighbour’s homes,” he told ABC radio.

“It was terrifying, to be honest. I was just talking to the SES and the fire brigade, and it seems a tornado came through.

“It happened very quickly — probably within 15 to 20 seconds.

“I’ve got a guest staying here and he came in shouting ‘the roof is gone, the roof is gone’.”

The BoM said the unusually prolonged period of squally weather would continue through much of the southwest until Wednesday.

“Damage to trees and homes in Eagle Bay on Monday morning may have been caused by a tornado,” the bureau said.

“Images of the damage are consistent with a tornado or straight-line winds.”

A severe weather warning remains in place for the South West district and parts of the Lower West, Great Southern and South Coastal districts.

It includes Perth, Albany, Bunbury, Margaret River and Narrogin.

“Flooding from low lying coastal areas is still possible from higher than normal tides,” the weather bureau said.

“Damaging wind gusts of more than 100km/h, damaging surf and coastal erosion are also possible.”

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services warns people should be prepared for the rough weather conditions.

“This front is expected to be windier than a typical front and is likely to produce the kind of weather that is only seen about one to two times per year,” DFES said.

Emergency services have already answered more than 32 calls for help since 4am on Monday.

Some homes and businesses lost power.

Meanwhile, the severe weather warning for the Central West and Central Wheatbelt areas has been cancelled.

Wind gusts recorded on Monday morning:

  • Busselton Jetty — 92.6km/h at 11.22am
  • Cape Leeuwin — 92.6km/h at 11.11am
  • Rottnest Island — 90.7km/h at 7.18am

The 24 hour rain observations to 9am Monday:

  • Ludlow — 35.6mm
  • Geraldton — 35.4mm
  • North Island — 27.2mm
  • Three Springs — 26.6mm

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