Photo shows injured cockatoo with arrow through its head

Shocking photos showing an injured cockatoo with an arrow through its head have sparked a frantic search for the bird and prompted calls for a legal ban on “bow hunting” in Victoria.

Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick shared the distressing images on social media, appealing for help to find the animal.

“A truly disturbing act of cruelty in Victoria,” he wrote on Tuesday.

“This is exactly why we need much stronger laws to protect wildlife and to penalise cruelty.

“It’s also why we need a total ban on bow hunting.”

On Wednesday, Mr Meddick posted a further update, saying there had been an “outpouring of support”.

“He has been spotted, but attempts to capture have so far been unsuccessful,” Mr Meddick said.

People in the Wandin and Mt Evelyn area have been asked to keep an eye out.

Anyone who sees the cockatoo is urged to call the Wildlife Victoria hotline on 03 8400 7300.

A second cockatoo was reportedly found with an arrow through the chest, but its injuries were too severe so it had to be euthanised.

“Yesterday in parliament, I read in a motion calling for a complete ban on bow and arrow hunting,” Mr Meddick wrote.

“These attacks are becoming disturbingly regular and something has to be done to stop it.”

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