‘Never-ending cycle’ of atrocious weather

A big chunk of Australia is in a “never-ending cycle” of frankly atrocious weather, forecasters have said, with a rinse and repeat pattern across southern Australia of strong winds, rain and chilly temperatures.

The rest of the week will see heavy rain and storms for Perth, more rain is due for Adelaide as the mercury gets set to plummet, it’s much the same in Melbourne, while Tasmania will struggle to get into a high of double digits in the coming days.

And yet there’s a winter heatwave in the centre of the country with Alice Springs set to peak at 33C in the coming days and Sydney could also be unseasonably warm.

Essentially the country is spilt in two. From Sydney up, it’s warm and dry. Below that line it’s cold and wet.

So let’s begin south of that weather frontier.

Perth and Adelaide forecast

“Australia’s relentless weather pattern this month of wind storms, snow, repeat has continued in earnest this week,” said Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne.

Severe weather warnings for damaging winds are in place for South Australia including close to Adelaide, NSW along the Great Dividing Range as well as Wollongong and almost all of Victoria including Melbourne

This is due to a cold front sweeping in from Western Australia towards the east. As it brings blustery winds another front is brewing in the west which will also head east as the conveyor belt keeps on chugging along.

In Perth, expect heavy rain until at least Sunday with 10-15mm most days and possible storms on Friday and Saturday.

Temperatures will drop from a high of 20C on Thursday to 16C on Saturday with overnight lows of 12C down to 8C early on Saturday.

Windy with a possible shower in Adelaide on Wednesday evening. Thursday and Friday will be dry but then that next front comes through on the weekend bringing up to 10mm of rain on Saturday and more showers on Sunday.

A high of 19C on Friday will drop to just 15C on Sunday. Minimums of 7C early on Thursday and 9C on Sunday.

Melbourne, Hobart and Canberra

Those initial winds will pass through Melbourne on Wednesday evening and then will leave calm conditions in their wake.

But showers will begin to fall again on Friday with up to 10mm coming down on Saturday and then it’s showers every day for the next week.

The city will get to 17C on Thursday and 19C on Friday and Saturday before dropping to 15C by Monday. Thursday morning may only get to 7C.

Blizzards are a possibility on the ski resorts as that front passes through with up to 25mm of snow on the weekend in Mt Hotham.

An isolated shower in Hobart for Thursday and then dry on Friday before more showers for the weekend. Cold in Tassie peaking at just 13C on Thursday and Sunday and just 12C early next week. The lows will struggle to get beyond 7- 9C.

Northern parts of the state are likely to be much wetter with Ulverstone, for instance, forecast to get between 15mm and almost 50mm between Friday and Sunday.

Some sun in Canberra leading up to Sunday with highs of 13C or as high as 16C on Saturday. But the rain returns on Sunday. Cold on Friday with a -3C minimum.

Sydney, Brisbane, Alice Springs and Darwin

Sunny and very settled in Sydney for the next seven days with just the possibility of a shower on Sunday. A high of 18C on Thursday will lead to 24C on a warm winter Sunday. Still cold at night though with a low of just 5C on Friday morning but that could rise to 14C on Sunday.

Also nice and toasty in Brisbane reaching 25C on Thursday and 28C next Monday with no rain likely. Minimums will bounce either side of 10C.

The real heat is in the Red Centre however where it’s going to be uncommonly scorching for July.

Alice Springs is looking at 30C-plus days until Monday with a high of 33C on Sunday. Temperatures in some parts of the Northern Territory will be 10C above average.

Darwin will be 32C and clear with lows of 21C.

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