Mum finds giant huntsman spider hiding in son’s toy truck

A West Australian mother has made a horrifying discovery in one of her son’s toys that’ll make your skin crawl.

Nestled in a toy truck was a massive “mumma” huntsman — with a bulging egg sac underneath, bigger than her body, containing roughly 200 baby spiders.

“Found this little mumma today with her sac!” Brooke Thorpe wrote on Facebook, alongside two terrifying images, adding she’d found the spider in her Kalgoorlie home.

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“I was actually outside with my two pythons letting them get some sun when my nephew bought me this toy and I found this,” she added.

She wrote that “compared to most we get here she is quite small”.

Ms Thorpe said her nephew had found the truck while playing with her son.

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Other users on Facebook were – understandably – appalled by her discovery.

One person commented that the egg sac was so large it looked like “a piece of cuttlefish”.

Others praised the spider itself for holding her eggs so close, writing that “a few human mums could take a lesson from her”.

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