Men airlifted in serious condition after North Queensland crocodile attack

Two men have been airlifted to Cairns after one sustained serious injuries swimming in croc-infested waters in North Queensland.

The man in his 20s was saved by his friend after being bit on his head and body, in an incident north of the Lockhart River on Friday.

His saviour, a man in his 30s, is currently being treated for wounds to his arm and wrist.

The pair, who are soldiers in the Army, were treated at the scene by a doctor and paramedic who flew from Thursday Island just before 5pm on Friday.

They were then transported to hospital by Royal Flying Doctors.

The man in his 20s is in a serious but stable condition, while the man in his 30s is stable.

“Two blokes have been swimming in croc-infested waters. One got attacked and the other one tried to help,” Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council Mayor Wayne Butcher told the ABC.

“They’re found and in safe hands … I’m hoping that they’re well.”

Mr Butcher revealed crocodile populations in the area have increased steadily over the past 30 years.

“There‘s a lot of crocodiles on Cape York Peninsula,” he said. “In rivers, estuary systems and even out in the ocean along beaches. So got to be very careful and be croc-wise. Wherever you see a sign saying croc-infested waters, please be careful or don‘t even enter.”

A Defence spokesman confirmed the event is under investigation.

“They will continue to receive ongoing medical care from local and regional hospitals,” the spokesperson said.

“Our immediate focus is on providing the necessary medical treatment for the soldiers involved, and supporting their families who have been informed.

“The event is under investigation.”

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