Joe Biden’s dog Major ‘nipped’ employee at White House

Joe Biden’s younger german shepherd has struck again, this time “nipping” at a National Park Service employee.

The “nip” came after three-year-old german shepherd Major and his more sedate older brother Champ were sent back to Delaware for training following an incident where Major bit a guard and charged at other staffers in March.

The latest incident happened on the South Lawn of the White House on Monday afternoon.

The dog was also papped while being taken on a walk on a leash.

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“Yes, Major nipped someone on a walk,” First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael LaRosa told CNN.

He said the dog was “still adjusting to his new surroundings” and that the person he “nipped” wasn’t injured and saw medical staff as a precaution.

The Biden’s adopted Major from a shelter in 2018, their second german shepherd along with Champ, who joined the family during Joe Biden’s time as Vice President in the Obama administration.

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The two dogs also have their “own” Twitter account where tweets signed off as being authored by Champ and Major employ cutesy pupper-meme speak, though the account says it is a “fan account”.

That page shared a post from the White House’s director of message planning Meghan Hays who said she “snuck a quick hug” from Major the day after the “nip”.

The post was met with replies from dog lovers pleading with people to respect the canine’s body language

“Please humans caring for Major watch the body language and protect him from anxious situations,” pleaded one who addressed their tweet to the dog itself.

“This is why Major is ‘nipping’ people,” said another.

“Too many humans in his face and touching just to get a picture.”

“Please, hoomans (sic), get someone in who is trained in dog behaviour to advise how to handle, avoid anxiety and provide proper enrichment,” another comment read.

“Otherwise our buddy will keep on ‘nipping’ or worse and it won’t be his fault,” they added.

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