iPhone users worse at relationships, more dateable than Android, BlackBerry

A new survey claims iPhone users have more annoying smartphone habits in relationships, but that they’re more likely to land a date than people with Android phones.

The most annoying habit is one many might not even realise they have: Looking at your phone while watching movies or TV.

A total of 58 per cent of the survey respondents ranked it as a “top deal breaker”, and said women were the most likely to do it.

The survey was conducted by British gadget recycling website

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The habit is annoying enough at the best of times but has recently gotten worse for the same reason everything else has.

“Since lockdown watching movies is the worst thing in the world,” one of the survey respondents said.

“They’re on the their phone all the time and then constantly asking me what’s happening in the film.”

Watching TV while looking at your smartphone screen is a common habit, television executives even have a term for it: The “second screen” experience, something they promote to get viewers engaged on social media or the network’s own apps.

A report last year found 88 per cent of Americans use a second device while watching TV.

CompareMyMobile’s study found three-quarters of iPhone users engaged in the annoying habit, compared to 59 per cent of Android users.

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Two-thirds of iPhone users were using their phone while having a conversation with their partner, compared to 51 per cent of Android users, and men were the more likely culprit.

The biggest discrepancy between the two dominating smartphone platforms appeared on the subject of using your phone while eating at the table, with 64 per cent of iPhone users guilty compared to 42 per cent of Android users.

When it comes to the “torturous” habit of not replying to messages, both sides were nearly as guilty as one another, with 41 per cent of iPhone users ghosting a text compared to 36 per cent of Android users.

Men were more likely to not respond.

Women were more likely to commit smartphone sins like taking photos of your food, taking multiple selfies/photos of the same thing, and posting excessively on social media, but these weren’t considered as much of a deal-breaker as some of the things men were doing.

The fellas are more likely to be on their phones while spending “quality time” with their partner, and to do things more likely to damage relationships than taking and sharing too many photos to preserve the happy memories.

While taking too many photos and posting them online was an annoying habit of women, men were more likely to be engaging in dangerous behaviour like using their phone while driving, and more likely to make their partner jealous by double-tapping thirst traps on the timeline.

The last issue is less detectable now that Instagram has mercifully gotten rid of the tab that allowed you to see what the people you followed were liking and who they were following.

While iPhone users were said to be committing smartphone “deal breakers” more than their Android counterparts, they were also more likely to be in a relationship.

A separate report conducted last year by CompareMyMobile analysed 50,000 swipes on dating apps and found iPhone users were 76 times more likely to get a match than Android users.

While Samsung users fared reasonably well, Android phones from the likes of Google and Huawei were considered worse for your match potential.

What you especially don’t want if you’re looking for love is a BlackBerry (not that you were likely to have one anyway).

The former king of the smartphones is a liability these days, with a -74 per cent impact on the match rate of users.

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