Horror moment snake slithers over roadtripping family’s windshield

A couple have filmed the terrifying moment a green snake appeared out of nowhere on their windshield while driving.

Jan Julius and her family were making their way up from Cudgen in NSW to Queensland’s Carnarvon Gorge when the unexpected stowaway slithered across their windscreen and curled up over one of the rear view mirrors.

Footage captured by Ms Julius shows the green tree snake slowly emerging from the front of the car and slithering across the windshield.

“He’s come right out,” Ms Julius can be heard saying as her one of her children expresses their surprise at the slithery hitchhiker.

The snake proceeds to spend the rest of the trip up the Logan Motorway wrapped around the mirror before the family stopped in Hebel, just over the Queensland border.

Ms Julius shared more pictures of the snake, affectionately nicknamed “Cheeky”, remarking the reptile had joined the family all the way from Cudgen.

“Cheeky‘s loving his holiday and now enjoying coming out to experience everything. Cudgen to Lightning Ridge and now for a stop over at Roma,” Ms Julius wrote on Facebook.

“He‘s about 4ft long and spends a lot of time staring at me.”

Social media users expressed their shock at the surprising stowaway and praised Ms Julius’ bravery.

“Oh dear lord, I can’t deal, I’d get the jitters watching cheeky eyeball me, even if he/she is only a tree snake by the looks of it,” one wrote.

“Don’t suppose you’re driving with the windows down at any point,” another said.

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