Heatwave rolls on in Queensland as storms hammer NSW

Conditions are set to worsen on the burning Fraser Island with Queensland’s heatwave continuing on Wednesday.

Temperatures are also expected to soar to the mid-40s across parts of NSW.

About half of Fraser Island’s habitat has been devastated by the fire, which is believed to have been sparked by an illegal campfire six weeks ago.

Residents and staff near the Kingfisher Bay resort have been ordered to leave as the fire front continues to intensify.

The Bureau of Meteorology warned areas of “low-intensity heatwave” were expected through most of Queensland on Wednesday, and northeast NSW, central Northern Territory and northern Western Australia.

Areas of severe heatwave were expected over inland Queensland, with smaller areas over the Pilbara.

Ipswich is forecast to reach a top of 40C on Wednesday, while Goondiwindi – along the border with NSW – will reach a scorching 46C.

It will be 34 degrees in Brisbane, with possible smoke haze.

A trough is triggering storms in NSW.

It comes after yesterday‘s freak cell that ripped through Sydney and its western suburbs, bringing down trees and cutting power to hundreds of homes.

A historic bell tower erupted in flames on Tuesday evening after it was struck by lightning as wild storms hammered the city.

The trough is sending heat across northeastern NSW and Queensland and stormy conditions across the Northern Territory and northern tropics.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Tasmania are experiencing much cooler and calmer conditions, with showers even falling as snow on the Tasmanian highlands.

Melbourne will be cloudy, with a low of 12 and a top of 19.

Hobart has a shower clearing, with a low of 10 and a top of 17.

Adelaide has sunshine increasing, with a low of 12C and a top of 23C, and Perth will be sunny, with a low of 10 and a top of 26.

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