Hackers leak confidential NSW Labor Party documents

The NSW branch of the Labor Party has been hit by a cyber attack and confidential documents have been leaked online.

The hacker group has posted excerpts of documents they claim to have stolen from the party on the dark web, including employment contracts and confidentiality agreements.

The criminals posted a disturbing ransom note with a demand to “communicate and co-ordinate” within nine days.

“If this does not happen before the time counter expires, we will leak valuable company documents,” the hackers wrote.

A ticking timer included in the threatening note was set to expire in the middle of next week.

“We have a large amount of data on contracts, a lot of confidential information, confidential contracts, driver‘s license, passports, employment contracts, information about employees, resume and more,” the hackers wrote.

The dark web post included a dozen documents, including a copy of the driver‘s licence of a woman who describes herself on LinkedIn as a former campaign worker for the party.

There was also a draft employment contract for the role of assistant general secretary with an annual salary of $162,192. That document did not have a name attached to it.

Other leaked documents included a letter requesting a jury service exemption for a top staffer during the 2019 election.

One computer folder screenshot appeared to show a list of resumes sent into the party, and another seemed to contain a list of job contracts.

The party was hit by the same ransomware that has recently impacted a high school in Victoria and a Telstra subcontractor, leading to fears sensitive documents could be leaked.

A NSW Labor spokesperson said “this is a matter of serious concern”.

“We have referred the matter to police and we are conducting a full investigation,” they said.

NSW Police confirmed they were aware of the incident and Sydney City Police Area Command are investigating.

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