Google services including Gmail, YouTube go down in multiple countries

Multiple Google services simultaneously crashed across the world for millions of users overnight, sending the internet into a spin.

According to the website Down Detector, which tracks reports of major online service outages, almost all of Google’s major services seem to have shut down including Google Drive and Hangouts.

YouTube, Gmail and Google Docs also suffered outages and Google’s office tools including Drive, Google Maps and its smart home products were also hit. Even Pokemon Go was reports indicate.

YouTube users were experiencing the message “something went wrong” while other error messages included “there was an error”.

Down Detector reports service in Australia ran smooothly until approximately 10.30pm, and spiked at 10.59pm. Other countries affected include the UK, Russia, India, the US, Italy, Germany and New Zealand.

Some users report that YouTube can be accessed through incognito mode.

The services hail from American multinational conglomerate Alphabet Inc. and while outages are not exactly unusual, Bloomberg Tech Editor Nate Lonxon noted, the“outage is notable for its pervasiveness across the Alphabet portfolio”.

As the service shut users out, #YouTubeDOWN and Google became the top trends online. More than 175,000 tweets were posted about Gmail alone. Google’s main site appeared to be working however some users seem to be affected also.

Google earlier told users as the shutdown began that “there are no disruptions with Gmail” but later acknowledged to Sky News that it was “aware of the problem” and said a “majoirty” of its users were experiencing issues with its services.

It did not give provide a timeline or a reason for the outage.

It comes four days after Facebook, Instagram and Messenger were hit with an outage that saw users unable to direct message one another.

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