Full moon photograph looks like mysterious giant eye through rock arch in Utah

A nature photographer has captured a stunning image of a full moon passing through a rock arch in Utah that resembles a giant eye.

Photographer Zach Cooley captured the stunning image at Arches National Park in Utah on the Halloween weekend on October 28.

“I planned an entire vacation mostly around the fact that the moonrise would align with this arch and I could get something resembling a spooky eye on the week of Halloween,” he said on a social media post which has attracted more than 17,000 likes.

The photographer said months of planning went into getting the perfect shot.

“Over two nights I got some single shots and double exposures, I thought this one was best for the eye look, what do you think?” he asked his followers.

“Eye love what you did here,” one follower commented with a pun.

“You got an eye for photography!” another said, to which the photographer replied: “Thanks, doesn’t get any cornea than that!”

Another follower said: “WOW!!! One of the best and most unique photos I’ve ever seen!!!”

“Planning for this shot was difficult and it began several months in advance,” he said.

“Despite cross-referencing the moon position in multiple applications, there’s nothing close to a guarantee you’ll be in the right place, just a few steps in any direction and you won’t get the shot.”

The photographer added: “I had never been so nervous for a photo as the moment approached, and never happier with the result of planning as the moon appeared where I was hoping and passed perfectly through the arch.”

Arches National Park has more than 2000 natural sandstone arches across 76,000 acres.

The Delicate Arch, at 16 metres high, is its most famous and a widely recognised landmark in the state.

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