Frosty start on east coast, possible snow in WA

Just 10 days out from a change of season and the winter weather has certainly arrived on the nation’s east coast.

Sydneysiders shivered through five straight days where the temperature dipped to below 9C this week, while Canberrans suffered through four consecutive days below freezing.

Melbourne also experienced its coldest morning of the year on Friday with a minimum temperature of 6.2C, while Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane all recorded overnight lows under 10C.

The weather ahead for the weekend will also bring chilly nights across most of the country, but that means mostly sunny days with showers increasing in some areas.

Sky News meteorologist Alison Osborne said it would be “fine and settled” weather across most inland areas of Australia due to a broad high pressure system, except for southwest Western Australia which was about to be hit by a “significant” cold front.

“That high isn’t going anywhere for the weekend,” she said.

“Expect cool starts in the southeast but plenty of sunshine across southern and inland parts of the nation.”

Western Australia is due to shiver through its coldest morning on Tuesday and it could even snow.


It will be a foggy start to the weekend in Sydney with the slight chance of showers along the coast during the day on Saturday.

But it will otherwise be mostly sunny with a top of 21C in most areas until the fog returns to the western suburbs on Sunday morning.

The chance of showers across the city will increase as Sunday wears on with up to 3mm possible in the city.

There will be some reprieve for the frosty mornings with the overnight low not expected to drop below 10C.

“Falls won’t be heavy but keep an umbrella handy, especially on the central coast of NSW,” Ms Osborne said.


Despite the frosty mornings where it’s expected to drop to 7C, Melbourne is heading for some glorious conditions over the weekend.

Once the sun breaks through it’s expected heat up to 19C on Saturday and then 20C on Sunday with no chance of rain on either day.

There’s a chance of frost in the hills surrounding the city on Saturday morning, but otherwise it will be a beautiful weekend for Melburnians to get out and soak in the outdoors.

It will be short lived though as a strong cold front arrives on Tuesday bringing showers and windy conditions for the southern half of the state.

Weather bureau senior forecaster Richard Russell said that will mean slightly warmer nights but colder days, with the daytime maximum dropping to 15C by Thursday.


The exception to the fine conditions will be southwest WA with a “vigorous southerly air stream from the Southern Ocean” expected to bring showers, storms, strong coastal winds and possible snow over the weekend.

Ms Osborne said the first “significant” cold front of autumn was making it’s was towards the state.

“It will bring those cold temperatures,” she said.

“Two fronts are lining up in the southern Indian Ocean – the first will cross on Saturday, the second will graze the south on Sunday – both bringing up nice cold polar air.”

Ms Osborne said the main front with rain would move through on Saturday with heavier falls and thunderstorms in Perth during the afternoon.

She said the second front would graze the southern coast on Sunday, maintaining the showery conditions in the central west, southwest and the southern coastline.

“The temperatures will get progressively and progressively colder, maximums by Sunday easily the coldest by far this year,” Ms Osborne said.

She said with temperatures dropping and rain expected, there was a “slight chance” snow would settle on the Stirling Ranges on Sunday night.

Monday is expected to be the coldest day of the outbreak in southern WA, while Tuesday is set to be the coldest morning of the year.

The last time WA had snow was September 21 last year at Bluff Knoll and prior to that a dusting of snow occurred in April 2019.


Sunday in Brisbane will be mostly dry with a top of 24C after a few showers and a top of 23C on Saturday.

Along the coast though there is a fairly good chance of showers across the weekend, with up to 3mm on Saturday and 4mm on Sunday.

Ms Osborne said regions exposed to a south-easterly air flow, such as Yeppoon, the Whitsunday Islands, Mackay and the far north Queensland coast, could expect shower across the weekend.


Adelaide will also be clear, sunny and dry with a top of 23C expected on both Saturday and Sunday.

Winds will be light also with some slight cloud on both Sunday and Monday before a front arrives on Tuesday, bringing showers and up to 10mm of rain.

Hobart will also be clear and dry after the temperature dips to 8C on Saturday morning and 10C in Sunday.

It will be hot and humid in Darwin with a top of 32C expect on both days.

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