Footage of Australian bloke carrying snake through suburbia goes viral

A viral TikTok video has captured the moment a 21st century Crocodile Dundee surprised onlookers by walking through the streets nonchalantly with animals hanging off him.

The unidentified male can be seen enjoying his afternoon stroll with a yellow bird perched on his shoulder and a giant snake wrapped between his arms. The snake can be seen dipping its head around before the man places it on the concrete to hit the pedestrian crossing button.

TikTok user Hayley Roben was behind the camera with friends, who were all losing their minds over what may be described as the most Australian thing seen all weekend.

“Are you kidding!?” she said in between hysterical bursts of laughter. “Look at him! He’s having the best time. Surely that’s illegal?”


The snake hilarity came barely a week after an employee at a pub in Western Australia shared a series of hilarious videos of a kangaroo who has been ‘working’ at the pub.

The John Forrest Tavern, in the outer eastern suburbs of Perth, is renowned as a country pub where revellers can interact with all sorts of Australian wildlife.

It is tucked away in the John Forrest National Park and locals, hikers and tourists frequently eat outside while feeding the visiting kangaroos and rosellas.

One of the regular kangaroos, named Matt, has been ‘employed’ by pub staffer Katelyn Hutton, who has filmed the roo hard at work.

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