‘Disrespectful’ scooter rider sparks debate over buffer zone

A disgruntled scooter rider has sparked heated debate over road rules and etiquette on the streets of Sydney, claiming it is entirely their right to let traffic pile up behind them while waiting to turn right off a busy road.

The anonymous motorist caused a buzz on a Facebook group for eastern suburbs residents after posting about their experience with car-drivers in Bondi, claiming they’re often on the receiving end of angry honks for hogging the entire lane while looking for a safe exit.

Generally, cars will find their way around idling two-wheelers if there is enough room to the left, but the Vespa enthusiast insisted it was a hazard for motorists with just a helmet and a rear wheel protecting them.

“When I am waiting to turn right off a busy road I will take up as much space as I like — please don’t toot me to move out the way,’ the Bondi local posted on social media,” the motorist posted.

“I don’t hug the white line for a reason – so that you can’t squeeze past me and potentially knock me over … If I were a car you would have to wait so stop with the road rage and think less about yourself.”

The NSW Roads and Maritime Services Handbook for motorcyclists recommends riders provide as much buffer zone as possible on either side while passing vehicles.

“When turning right from a single lane, start the turn as near as practicable to the far right of the lane or middle of the road,” the government issued handbook reads. “Try buffering hazards as you exit the turn.”

But a number of angry road users weren’t convinced the scooter rider had the right to pile up traffic while waiting to turn, with some motorcyclists replying that it’s necessary to hug the white line.

“Disagree, I ride bikes. Get right up [to] the white line, let them go past you on the left while waiting to turn right,” they wrote.

Some believed hugging the white line was the safer option while waiting to turn on a motorcycle.

“If an impatient person hits me I’d rather it be them trying to squeeze past or a clip of the rear rather than a full speed rear end collision, ”they said.

One angry group member took it a step further against the “rude and disrespectful” motorist, alleging they had sent a screenshot of the original post to the RMS in an attempt to get their scooter license revoked.

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