Cold, wet, windy weather due

The weather gods will be doing their bit to ensure Sydneysiders remain at home this lockdown weekend delivering a cold and soggy few days with up to 50mm of rain falling.

The coast could get absolutely “hammered,” forecasters have said, due to severe weather warnings of hazardous surf.

Western Australia could also cop a battering over the next few days with storms, hazardous surf, strong winds and heavy rain on Friday seeping into Saturday. After a breather on Sunday, the weather drama could start all over again for Perth.

But much of the rest of the country should remain relatively dry although it could be a chilly weekend ahead.

“It’s going to be cold, it’s going to be wet and its going to be windy on the New South Wales coast” Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne said on Friday.

A rain band that had been barrelling across central NSW has now made its way to the coast including over Sydney. On Friday evening that will bring showers before continuing out to sea where it will beginning swirling into a Tasman Low redirecting more unsettled weather back onto land.

That system could deliver very choppy surf leading to dangerous conditions for boating, fishing and beach activities.

However the worst of the weather should clear during Sunday.

Starting in Queensland and Brisbane will see a wet Friday with up to 10mm falling. But then the sun should come out on the weekend.

Highs of around 20C are to be expected most days, dropping down to 10C overnight.

Further north, Cairns should be mostly dry and warm on the weekend reaching 28C.

Rain that had been in Queensland is heading south of the Tweed across the weekend.

Showers in Port Macquarie until at least Tuesday.

Friday evening will be wet in Sydney with 15-25mm falling and up to another 20mm on Saturday. It should clear on Sunday but not until another 4-8mm has fallen.

Anywhere from Newcastle to the Illawarra could see up to 15-30mm on Friday and Saturday or 25mm in some places. Windy on the coast too.
The hazardous surf warning is in place for Saturday from Byron all way down to the Illawarra. The Bureau of Meteorology has advised people stay out of the water and avoid walking or fishing near to surf exposed areas.

Canberra will see some showers on Friday and then a cloudy weekend with highs of 12-14C and minimums peeking above zero.

Maximums of 13C are expected for Melbourne for the coming days in settled conditions. Mostly sunny and no rain forecast for several days with cold dawn minimums of 3-4C.

A rain band could appear later on Sunday, however, which may continue into early next week.

Up to 11-12C in Hobart with minimums of just 2-3C in the city. The sun should come out from through the clouds.

Warm by comparison in Adelaide but still settled with partly cloudy skies. Maximum temperatures of 16-17C heading into the weekend with lows of 7-8C.

Stormy and wet for the west

It will be far more drama filled in Perth where storms could break out on Friday as 15-35mm comes down amid windy conditions. A severe weather warning is in place so expect a thunderstorm, damaging winds and heavy rainfall.

Maximums in Perth nearing 20C and lows of about 7C. Showers clearing on Saturday and then a clam Sunday before more storms and more heavy showers on Monday. The front coming through on Monday is expected to be very powerful and could cause trees to fall and power outages.

Sunny and 32C in Darwin with dawns at 20C.

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