Classic HSV VN SS Group A Commodore to sell for huge sum

Aussie revheads, start your engines.

A rare 1990 HSV VN SS Group A Commodore is headed for auction this Saturday via Lloyds online auctions.

The HSV is build number 002 of just 302 built and is expected to fetch big bucks with bidding currently at $306,000 and expectations the car will sell for more than $500,000.

Lloyds Auctions chief operating office, Lee Hames, believes this version will smash the record price of $300,000 for a HSV VN SS Group A Commodore set earlier this year for build number 297.

“We auctioned the same model back in April, which broke an Australian world record price, and we believe this one being build #002 might just break it again based on the amount of inquiry we have had already,” says Mr Hames.

The 5.0-litre V8-powered Aussie muscle car only has about 36,000km on the clock and has had just two owners, with the current owner having owned the machine since 1994.

The VN SS Group A has top shelf Aussie motorsport pedigree, with the cars competing in the Group A racing series during 1991 and 1992.

“This iconic car is a timepiece in Australian motor sporting history, and serious enthusiasts will need to be verified prior to bidding due to the important significance of this car,” says Hames.

Prices of Australian cars have skyrocketed in the past 12 months.

A rare V8-powered 2017 HSV Maloo ute broke records to fetch more than $1 million at auction in January this year, when the last Commodore sedan built also sold for $750,000.

Since then, owners of HSV’s final GTSR W1 sedans have advertised cars online for $500,000 or more.

In June 2020, a 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT sold at auction for more than $300,000, more than three times original estimates. And a far cry from its 1973 purchase price of $7000.

This example was in a sorry state, covered in dust, scattered with rust, filled with rat droppings and surrounded by old cans after it was discovered in a barn surrounded by chicken wire.

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