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Faster Keyword Research for Google Ads with Super Keyword Planner

CONTENTS The Super Keyword Planner app in a nutshell Why it was created Core features Refinement features Speed improvements The bottom line Introduction Keyword research tells you how the world is searching. It starts with a seed – e.g. ‘flights to italy’ – and branches out into related keyword ideas like ‘flights to sorrento’, and

Google I/O 2021: Key advancements in Search & Shopping.

Earlier this month Google I/O 2021 came to our screens with a huge amount of content, news, updates, and advancements discussed over the event. Here, we take a look at some of the most significant updates across Shopping and Search and what they mean for digital strategies. 1. Shopping. Late last year, Google Shopping launched

First-party data: What, why and how?

First-party data isn’t new, but more and more companies are looking at how they can use it as the marketing world moves towards a cookie-less future. Here, we look at what it is, why you should be using it, and how you can incorporate it into your marketing strategies. What is first party data? Put