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Brands Doing Their Bit For Social Good

We’re living in unprecedented times, and with Covid-19 continuing to wreak havoc on the world, businesses, and systems as we knew them before, brands everywhere have a tough decision to make – continue under the guise of normalcy, shut down operations, or use their abilities for good. Many chose the latter, channelling efforts into helping

Crisis Diversions: Video, The Ultimate Digital Comfort Food

According to a study by Econsultancy, only 14% of UK marketing campaigns are continuing ‘as planned’, which I’m sure doesn’t come as any surprise. The rest have been either put on hold, cancelled or adapted to ensure that any content produced is sensitive to our new surreal circumstances. Video in the context of cinema entertainment

Strategic marketing considerations in a crisis

2020 has quite frankly got off to a terrible start, with travel, retail, and hospitality industries feeling the brunt of it so far. From the floods in February causing a near 8% decline in the number of people visiting high street stores, through to the current pandemic which has had monumental impacts on across various