Cameras and listening devices keeping an eye on driving instructors

South Australian driving instructors could soon have cameras and listening devices installed in their vehicles as well as Transport Department staff being given approval to wear body cams.

The new regulations are part of a plan to overhaul the driving instructor sector.

It comes after an Adelaide driving instructor was accused of indecently assaulting teenage students more than 40 times over a four-year period.

There was also a report released in February that found the sector had issues with corruption, bribery and inappropriate behaviour with minors, prompting the new look at the sector.

The regulations will also see SA Department of Transport and Infrastructure employees — including investigators, marine safety officers and those monitoring driving instructors — use the technology, provided the cameras are visible and people are told they are being filmed.

The state government gave the green light to extend the use of surveillance but is yet to determine what to do with the new powers.

Despite the details of the reforms still being worked through, it is aimed to improve safety and compliance, according to Transport Minister Corey Wingard.

“The department has been consulting with industry in relation to these reforms including the deployment of cameras in driver trainer vehicles,” he told The Advertiser.

“The regulations gazetted also provide the appropriate legal framework for the use of recording devices for department staff to further enhance safety and compliance.”

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