Brazilian dog leaps inside ambulance, waits outside hospital to protect sick owner

Video has captured the moment a loyal dog propelled herself onto an ambulance to protect her sick owner as he was loaded into the vehicle.

The incident occurred in Uruguaiana, a city in Brazil, after a man was walking his dog and became ill.

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The video, posted to Facebook by Brazilian man Anderson Bahi, shows a small pooch leaping onto the rear bumper of an ambulance.

The adorable dog is dressed in a red jumper and almost blends into the ambulance’s paint job.

Taking pity on the creature, paramedics opened the door wide and helped the dog into the emergency vehicle.

Waiting inside the vehicle was the dog’s owner, who had fallen ill during their dog walk and had been treated by ambulance paramedics.

After being driven to the hospital, the dog sat outside the door waiting for her owner to get better.

“I was passing in my car when I saw an ambulance stopped on the other side of the road,” Mr Bahi told The Dodo.

“The love this dog has for her owner is something very special,” Bahi said. “A faithful love.”

The ambulance then drove to the hospital, with owner and dog in tow.

The dog sat outside the hospital’s main entrance, waiting for her master to return.

Another person took to Facebook to marvel at the display of loyalty.

Local animal rescuer Maria Lúcia Muniz, who lives near the hospital, noticed the lonely pooch. She offered to take the dog in for the night while her owner recovered.

But luckily, the dog didn‘t have to wait for too long before she was reunited with her owner.

“IIt was very emotional,” Muniz said. “But thank God, the owner was only hospitalised for 45 minutes. His family arrived to take him and his dog home.”

This pooch’s actions give a whole new meaning to the phrase “as loyal as a dog”.

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