Big changes coming for new Mazda CX-5: report

Mazda’s most popular car is about to go through a massive transformation, according to overseas reports.

Japanese publication Best Car says Mazda insiders have revealed that the next generation CX-5 SUV — due in 2023 — is going to move into the luxury space.

The current range-topping CX-5 Akera is already a plush experience, but according to the company insiders the next-gen machine will be comparable to the Mercedes-Benz GLC.

According to the report the move will coincide with a new vehicle platform. This will reportedly be rear-wheel drive as standard with all-wheel drive variants also offered. The same platform will underpin the next-generation Mazda6 sedan.

Mazda will also fit its already confirmed new inline six-cylinder engine to the CX-5.

This engine will be available in petrol and diesel form and will be available with compression ignition technology that allows petrol engines to operate with diesel-like efficiency.

The same report also hints that the next-gen CX-5 will be fitted with mild hybrid technology that uses a 48-volt system to power the electronics and starter motor.

As well as Mazda’s strong new engine, the cabin should benefit from increased space thanks to the larger platform creating a more luxurious interior.

The Mazda CX-5 has been Australia’s favourite SUV for most of the past decade, although it has been eclipsed by the new Toyota RAV4 this year.

But on a global scale Mazda is considered a small-car brand and doesn’t have the impact in other markets as it does in Australia.

Mazda has already been edging towards occupying the premium space in Australia. It removed the cheaper variants of its Mazda3 small car and instead focused on more expensive and better equipped models.

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