Bestiality animal crush videos outlawed

Possession and distribution of distressing bestiality “crush videos” showing animals in pain are one step closer to being banned across NSW.

Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst’s motion to ban the disturbing online clips passed in the upper house with cross party support late on Wednesday evening.

Ms Hurst said the videos were “easily available for Australians to buy, download, save, watch and trade”, sparking her push to criminalise them.

“These videos depict some of the worst things I have ever witnessed,” she said.

“Seeing these videos has made me desperate to make them stop. Now that we know we have cross-party support for legislation, we must enact new laws. This must be made a crime.”

She said the Animal Justice Party last year hired an open source investigator to find out how widespread the online activity was.

“Numerous websites, and even social media channels, were identified for hosting or promoting crush videos, including one with a domain name clearly targeting Australians,” Ms Hurst said.

“There are thousands of these fetish videos depicting the crushing and killing of kittens, puppies, dogs, baby chicks, snakes, rabbits, pigs, mice, ducklings, fish and insects – and they’re all available for Australians to download and trade.

“By outlawing the possession of this graphic material, we can give the police the powers necessary to investigate and charge the sick individuals who find the suffering of others sexually gratifying.”

Legislation to ban the videos will now be drafted by the Attorney-General.

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