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New groundbreaking technique reveals new details on the long-theorized fifth force of nature

Image: Pixabay The Standard Model is currently the widely accepted theory of how particles and forces interact at the smallest scales. It describes three fundamental forces in nature: electromagnetic, strong, and weak nuclear force. But it’s an incomplete explanation of how nature works. Also, other theories suggest the possible presence of a fifth force. Using

NRL finals 2021: Vaccine pop up at Rockhampton Eels Knights game

NRL fans attending Sunday’s clash between the Eels and Knights are able to get vaccinated on their way inside, in a creative expansion of Qld’s rollout. Rugby league fans in central Queensland will be able to get vaccinated before Sunday afternoon’s game, in a trial authorities hope will boost immunisation rates. Thousands of people are

New zero-net-carbon-technology advances carbon-dioxide-to-ethanol conversion

In a new study, scientists realize that mixing cesium, copper, and zinc oxide in a close-contact configuration catalyzes a reaction pathway that transforms carbon dioxide (CO2) into ethanol (C2H6O). The study is a significant step towards a nearly ‘green’ zero-net-carbon technology that efficiently converts carbon dioxide into ethanol. The study conducted by an international collaboration

Afghanistan: ADF tells of ‘harrowing’ Kabul evacuation

The Australian Defence Force has opened up on its “chaotic” rescue mission in Kabul where it helped evacuate 4100 people in 32 flights. The Australian Defence Force has shared how it managed to evacuate 4100 people from Afghanistan in 32 flights. Joint Operations Command tweeted an overview of what was involved to get thousands of